For those of you following us on instagram, you will see that over the past eight weeks we have been extremely active with our training. The most common questions we get are ‘Do you train everyday?’ and ‘How do you stay motivated?’

Training everyday is our ultimate aim for many reasons. However, our schedule is always dictated by the way we physically feel. There is no strict rule or guideline around how often you should train or how many rest days to take in a week. The key lies with listening to your body, which in turn has a direct impact on your motivation levels.

In this post we are going to share five tips that we have used, which can help you stay motivated to train!

1. Know your Why?

Why do you want to train? 
There are so many reasons that people train; weight loss, weight gain, stress relief, pain relief, fun, general health and overall improved fitness. Identifying and prioritising your reasons will ignite your motivation and help to keep you consistent.

It is in consistency that you will see the best results.

2. Set small goals

In many instances, knowing your ‘Why?’ leads to establishing your main goal. Identifying your goal(s) is easy, but planning to achieve them is where many people fall short.

We advise that you break up your main goal into smaller more achievable goals. This will help you to see the small wins and really appreciate your progress.
For example:

  • Walk for 5-10,000 steps a day
  • Run a total of 8-10km in a week
  • No sugar for 2-3 days in a week
With every goal you achieve your motivation increases.

3. Challenge yourself!

If you have managed to implement the first two tips, we would recommend that you start setting yourself timed challenges. There is no better feeling than competing and winning against your past performance. Challenges are great at building your determination and firing you up.

A good example would be to start a 30-day challenge:

  • 30-day Squat Challenge (100 squats a day)
  • 30-day Exercise Challenge (1 new exercise a day)
  • 30-day Push-up Challenge (100 Push ups a day)
The list of examples go on, but this is a great way to see your mental and physical changes daily.

4. Join the Fitfam!

The fitness community, often referred to by many as the ‘FitFam’ is huge! Whether you meet people at your local gym or head over to instagram, you are bound to find plenty of fitness inspiration!

If you are on social media (who isn’t?!) we recommend following health, wellness and fitness accounts. This is a great way to learn, gain new ideas, reach communities with common interests, find classes and sign up to events.

Don’t be shy! Everyone is on their own journey and could always use some postive encouragement. 

Ps. great instagram accounts to follow in Dubai for fitness meet ups, news and events

@MeetnTrain / Download the app here – MeetnTrain | @WomensHealthMe | @MensHealthMiddleEast

5. Find a workout partner!!!!

Working out alone is great, but let’s face it, we have all gone to the gym and failed to complete the last rep of each set, slowed the treadmill down by a few kilometres, sat on our phone for 5 minutes during the 1 minute rest period you set yourself and ogled at the clock thinking should I go home.

Well with a ‘good’ workout partner you can eliminate almost all of those things (maybe not the phone part) and push each other to new heights. Whether it is your friend, sibling, partner or spouse training with someone helps to really keep you accountable and in turn forces consistency.

Need some partner workout inspo???

Errrr have you checked out these guys on insta? – @MrandMrsMuscle – Haha!

So there you have it!! Our 5 tips to help you stay motivated to train. 
If you have any questions or topics you want us to talk about why not drop us a DM on instagram!