3 Natural Fat Burners for Beginners

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Almost everyone on their journey to weight loss arrives at a point where they want faster results. More often than not they immediately start searching high and low for a 'MAGIC' fat loss pill, powder or special medicine that will help them get there. So, we intend to make your search a little less daunting and give you a quick insight as to what you might need.

Natural Fat Burners are nutritional supplements that focus on promoting fat loss via a series of methods. These include; boosting energy expenditure, thermogenesis, impairing fat absorption, increasing fat oxidation and suppressing appetite (1).

However, it is very important to note that no matter how fast we want results there is no ‘Magic Pill’ that will wipe the kilos of fat away from your body without you having to lift a finger!

You have to put in the work, get your heart rate up and focus on building muscle. The higher your heart rate is during exercise the more active calories your burn. The more muscle you build during exercise the more calories burn at rest.

Here is our compiled list.


3 Natural Fat Burners Perfect for Beginners

  1. Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract is a concentrated form of green tea that can be ingested as a capsule or powder. It contains caffeine and an active compound called EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) which assists in fat burning by inducing ‘Thermogenesis’ - a metabolic process in which the body burns calories to produce heat (2).

A multi-study comparing green tea extract to a placebo showed that taking green tea extract in combination with caffeine significantly boosted energy expenditure by 4.7% and increased fat burning by 16% over a 24 hour period (3).


  1. Caffeine

Who doesn’t love a bit of caffeine first thing in the morning?! This POWERFUL stimulant is the main active ingredient in Coffee (liquid gold for the millions of us dependent on it to get into the office) and can be found in both green tea and cocoa beans. It is also one of the most common ingredients in synthetic/ commercial fat burners.

Studies have shown caffeine to significantly boost your metabolism and fat burning by around 16% over a 2-3hour period after ingestion (4). This makes caffeine a great option pre-workout or just before a meal.

You can get caffeine as a pill, powder or from drinking strong cups of coffee.

Note: Regular consumption of caffeine at high levels can make you tolerant to its effects.

  1. Protein

Is protein really a fat burner? Not quite. However, when we look at the thermic effect of food (the number of calories used to digest food) protein is the winner. For example, 25 grams of protein takes 3-4 times more energy to digest than 25 grams of carbs and up to 10 times more energy to digest than fat.

In addition, a high protein intake can help you reduce body fat by increasing satiety, reducing appetite hormones like ghrelin, preserving muscle mass and boosting your metabolism (5).

BONUS: VEGAN Fat Burner Capsules

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The combination also includes; Green Tea Extract, Caffeine, vitamin B12, biotin and vitamin B7 (help with tiredness and fatigue and support stable fat metabolism).

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Bottom Line

It is easy to become discouraged or want faster results when you feel that you are giving it your all. However, opting for Fat Burners isn’t the complete solution! For Fat Burners to work efficiently they must be taken with a proper nutrition and exercise regime already in place.

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The supplements we have listed above are a great place to start. They have been thoroughly researched and backed by numerous studies. If you are finding that you are putting in maximal effort but the fat or weight is not shifting, then there is a good chance that your nutrition is incorrect, you are suffering with a few hormonal imbalances or you simply aren’t exercising enough.

Pace your weight loss journey, tick all the right boxes and research, research, research.