22 Jul 2019

BCAA – What is it and do you REALLY need it? 

BCAA powder, BCAA tablets and BCAA gummies seem to be the “in-style” supplement right now. It is touted heavily via social media with little to no detailed information, which no doubt leaves you scratching your head, thinking ‘is this the must-have ingredient I need to be able to reach my fitness goals?’
In this short, digestible article we cover everything you need to know about BCAAs so that you can carry on your day scratch-free, less confused and a little more clued up on your nutritional needs.


5 Foods That BOOST Your Sex Drive! 

Talking about ‘Sex’ can often be a taboo subject. However, Sex plays a very important role in our lives; apart from being a great calorie burner, sex promotes us to release good hormones. It has been proven that those who have sex at least 2x per week have higher levels of immunoglobulin, which promotes heart health, lower blood pressure, stress relief and improved sleep. So find out how to boost your sex drive naturally.

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Men's Health

5 Testosterone Boosting Foods 

Testosterone is one of the most vital hormones needed for packing on good muscle and keeping off the fat. One of the biggest killers to your testosterone levels is the hormone Cortisol aka the Stress Hormone. Find out which foods you can eat to increase your testosterone and decrease your cortisol levels!