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Lean Body Workout Calendar - BEGINNER - October 2020

Lean Body Workout Calendar - BEGINNER - October 2020

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Main Goal: Weight Loss, Water Weight Reduction, Full Body Toning and Shaping.

The Beginner Calendar is a perfect introduction to the MrandMrsMuscle Workouts.
The entire program is Low Impact High Intensity and excludes all jumping exercises!

Every workout day includes the following:

  • 1x Warm Up
  • 2x Main Workouts
    - Featuring: A HIIT Timer and Active Muscles Targeted
  • Cool Down Stretch Sequence

Total Session time: 30-35 minutes

This program modifies some of our most intense and metabolic workouts designed to rapidly drive up your heart rate and force a heavy sweat session. 

Muscle definition and visibility also requires you to have a well managed diet with foods from all macro groups and plenty of micro-nutrients.

For help with your nutrition please see our Meal Plans.

Calendar Expiry Date: DEC 1st 2020

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