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Lean Body Workout Calendar - Home Edition - October 2020

Lean Body Workout Calendar - Home Edition - October 2020

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Main Goal: Fat loss, Weight Loss, Water Weight Reduction, Full Body Toning and Shaping.

The Lean Body Workout Calendar - Home Edition - is our fast weight loss program that features only Body Weight Workouts.

This month long calendar is perfect for those who cannot go to the gym but want the same great results! The Home Edition Calendar is also a great introduction to the MrandMrsMuscle Workouts if you are new to our fit family!

Every workout day includes the following:

  • 1x Warm Up
  • 2x Main Workouts (with Low Impact Beginner Modifications included)
    - Featuring: A HIIT Timer and Active Muscles Targeted
  • Cool Down Stretch Sequence

Total Session time: 30-40 minutes

This program uses some of our most intense and metabolic workouts designed to rapidly drive up your heart rate and force a heavy sweat session. 

Muscle definition and visibility also requires you to have a well managed diet with foods from all macro groups and plenty of micro-nutrients.

For help with your nutrition please see our Meal Plans.

Calendar Expiry Date: DECEMBER 1st 2020

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