22 Jul 2019
Courgette & Broccoli FrittersBy Michael & VivienneCourgette and Broccoli Fritters provide a high protein, nutrient packed breakfast, made with eggs and green vegetables. Easy to make and a delicious way to start your morning.
Cardamon & Peach Quinoa PorridgeBy Michael & VivienneA high fibre, healthy and very tasty breakfast that is easy to make using quinoa and fresh peach. Vegetarian friendly and packed with enough energy to fuel you for hours.
Spanish Chicken StewBy Michael & VivienneSpanish Chicken Stew is a healthy and hearty dinner that is high in protein and easy to prepare.
Tofu ScrambleBy Michael & VivienneTofu scramble is tasty, creamy and easy to make. High in protein and slow to digest, this breakfast will keep you satisfied through to lunch.
Asian Noodle SaladBy Michael & VivienneAsian Noodle Salad. A delicious and flavoursome salad with red bell peppers, mushrooms and a fresh ginger dressing. This vegetarian friendly meal is low in calories and makes a great lunch option.
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