23 May 2019
Healthy Scrambled EggsBy Michael & VivienneA simple high protein breakfast that will keep you lean! Fluffy Scrambled Eggs with Basil, Spinach and Tomatoes.
Mexican Beans on Toast with AvocadoBy Michael & VivienneThis Mexican Beans on Toast Recipe makes a colourful breakfast using fresh, creamy avocado and black beans. Vegan friendly and packed with enough nutrients to keep you full until lunch.
Basil & Mushroom OmeletteBy Michael & VivienneA nutrient dense, tasty and vegetarian friendly omelette, packed with protein. A great way to start kick-start your morning in a fat burning state.
Poached Eggs & Avocado MashBy Michael & VivienneKeep yourself satisfied until lunch with this healthy, powerful and calorie dense breakfast. The creamy ripe avovados make a great alternative to butter and compliment the poached egg superbly.
Homemade Berry MuesliBy Michael & VivienneHomemade Muesli with Fruits and Nuts. Power packed with fat burning nuts, seeds and berries. Boost your energy with this tasty breakfast!
Creamy Cinnamon and Banana Berry PorridgeBy Michael & VivienneStart your day with this energy packed creamy cinnamon, banana and berry porridge. A very easy to make breakfast under 300 calories per serving.
Three Grain PorridgeBy Michael & VivienneTry this super health Three Grain Porridge made from toasted oatmeal flakes, spelt and barley. Only 179 calories per serving.
Baked Veggie EggsBy Michael & VivienneWake up and try this low calorie, vegetarian friendly breakfast flavoured with sundried tomatoes, spinach, leeks and cheese. More healthy recipes online!
Fruit & Nut Breakfast BowlBy Michael & VivienneStart your morning off right with this easy to make and very tasty fruit and nut breakfast bowl. Only 316 calories, high in fibre and very healthy!
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