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5 Foods That BOOST Your Sex Drive!

Talking about ‘Sex’ can often be a taboo subject. However, Sex plays a very important role in our lives; apart from being a great calorie burner, sex promotes us to release good hormones. It has been proven that those who have sex at least 2x per week have higher levels of immunoglobulin, which promotes heart health, lower blood pressure, stress relief and improved sleep. So find out how to boost your sex drive naturally.

reasons not losing weight

5 Reasons you are NOT losing weight!

5 Reasons you are NOT losing weight! Weight loss can be very difficult when you are doing the wrong things. Have a browse through this list to see if you are guilty of slowing down your weight loss.

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September Fitness Challenge

Are you ready to get your September sweat on??? With the success of our August fitness challenge we are now stepping things up tenfold! Introducing our new September Fitness Challenge! This challenge will see you go head to head with your favourite desserts ranging from Cakes, Donuts, Ice Creams, Cheese […]