If you are not familiar with how to program/create an effective workout plan that will guarantee you hit your fitness goals, then please continue reading: 

Monthly Workout Calendars

We have created more than 1500 exercises and over 500 FREE Fat Burning HIIT Workout Videos. We know how overwhelming it is when choosing where to start.

So, we have streamlined the process by creating interactive workout calendars that are based on your goals. Each calendar combines the very best of our workouts into an easy to follow and highly effective Month long Workout Program. 

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My Lean Body Guide (Workout & Meal Plan)

Fast and effective weight loss requires you to have a plan which consists of proper nutrition as well as a well thought out exercise/workout plan.

My Lean Body Guide makes the entire process very easy understand and is tailored to your body.

Every month a guide is released with a new workout plan, meal plan and recipes.

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