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knee-friendly workouts

Our 20 MIN Knee-Friendly workout series is a great option for those that are unable to do plyometric or high impact exercises. It is also a suitable option for beginners and individuals that are recovering from injury. 
The movements are largely compound and contain exercises that focus on increased time under tension to ensure your calorie and fat burn is as high as possible!

Abs & Core

Our abs and core workouts are programmed to hit the core from all angles. In this playlist is a mixture of strength, cardio and endurance based workouts that can all be done at home or the gym.


Our cardio HIIT workouts are highly metabolic, incredibly effective and very, very addictive. We focus on large muscle groups and explosive movements to ramp up your heart rate and burn through tons of calories during and after the session!

Full Body

Full Body HIIT is by far one our most popular workout categories. The workouts engage every major muscle group, add the right amount of tension on supporting minor muscle and are high calorie burning. These workouts are essential to steady fat loss!

Lower Body

The largest muscles in our body are situated in the lower half. These muscles are also responsible for the highest calorie expenditure. Our lower body HIIT workouts take full advantage of the power in your lower half and combine a series of compound, targeted and cardio based movements.

Upper body

Our upper body workouts are one of the most challenging within our entire series of workouts. They are designed to build strength, endurance and sculpt you. The effects of this series are almost immediate and are a vital inclusion in our programs.

About our programming & protocol

For Beginners & Intermediates
For the best results we strongly suggest you use one of our workout calendars.
Our workout calendars are professionally programmed to target your major and intricate muscles simultaneously. In addition we take true advantage of anatomy trains and all planes of movement to maximize the amount of calories you burn during and after your workout. Generating quick, lasting and powerful fat loss.

For Advanced Individuals
The protocol to follow is:
2-4 Workout Videos a Day
30 seconds - All out intensity
10 seconds - Rest
2min Between Videos
For maximum results program workouts periodically.
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