20 Butt Kicks 
20 High Knees
8 Walkouts
10 Overhead Body Squats

5 Rounds
: 30s Active / 30s Rest

Intermediate: 30s Active / 15s Rest
Advanced: 30s Active / 10s Rest

1️⃣Jumping Lunge to Sumo Squat & Press
2️⃣Dumbbell Deadlift to Squat
3️⃣Lateral Lunge to Upward Row
4️⃣Dumbbell Static Hold to Wide Squat

Workout Modifications Notes:
Exercise 1)
Do an alternate lunge instead of jumping
Exercise 2) No mod needed.
Exercise 3) No mod needed.
Exercise 4) If the static hold is too difficult – perform a Squat into a Bicep Curl

Form Notes:
Maintain a neutral spine throughout each movement.
2) Keep core engaged.
3) Keep your arms at 90degrees for the static hold

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