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inactive glutes

5 Signs that You have UNDERACTIVE Glutes

Inactive or as I like to say Under Active Glutes is a problem 9 in 10 of us face (this statistic is not quite accurate – but you get just how common I am telling you this issue is).

The reason this issue is so common is that the symptoms experienced are often not in/on  your glutes. So we tend to think our symptoms and pains are from somewhere else.

If you are suffering from any of the following then there is a good chance that you may have underactive glutes.

why women should train chest

Why Women SHOULD train Chest?

As a female in the fitness industry I get asked this question frequently. Many women assume that training chest is for men only and often shy away from it thinking that they will drastically alter the shape of their breasts. However, for such a change to happen an increase in […]

reasons to train your glutes

5 Reasons you SHOULD train your glutes!

In light of today’s post on Instagram (if you haven’t seen it go check it out @mrandmrsmuscle) it dawned on us that many people may not know why it is important to train their glutes, aside from the fact that perfectly round glutes are sexy AF. What are Glutes you say?! […]

how to stay motivated to exercise

5 Tips to help you stay motivated to train!

For those of you following us on instagram, you will see that over the past eight weeks we have been extremely active with our training. The most common questions we get are ‘Do you train everyday?’ and ‘How do you stay motivated?’