27 May 2019

We have developed over 500 Workout Routines and provided more than 1200 exercises.
Choose your goal and use our calendars as a guided monthly training program.

For individuals with programming knowledge or existing training schedules use our ‘Gym Workout Plans

You need to download & save the PDF file to your device so that you can CLICK on the days and go directly to the workout we have programmed.

Step 2: Fix Your Diet with our Tailored Meal Plans (Coming Soon)

We provide 3-month Personalized Meal Plans tailored to your Body Type and lifestyle.

  • We calculate your daily calories and macro ratios
  • We calculate your portion sizes (for those who do not want to count calories)
  • We provide you with a detailed list of healthy food options
  • We promote Flexible Eating (You can still have your favorite foods, treats and desserts)
$28.00 per Meal Plan | NO UPFRONT PAYMENT REQUIRED | Only Pay when your Meal Plan is Ready to be sent.

Step 3: Share your Progress with the #MrandMrsMuscle Family

MrandMrsMuscle is a strong international community. We view each of and every one of you as family and are always happy to offer advice as well as share your efforts with everyone. We want you to take your fitness journey seriously, with positivity and pure confidence!

Use the hashtag #MrandMrsMuscle or Tag @MrandMrsMuscle in your stories and posts to feature.